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Hoppidy Hop Bunny Gift Basket For Kids - Premade Easter Basket for Girls

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Surprise your little ones with this adorable Easter Basket filled with a cute plush bunny. Filled with Easter treats such as:

⦿ Peeps marshmallow chicks (1.5oz), in pink, one of the most popular candies at Easter time

⦿ Palmer "Carrot Patch Pete" milk chocolate bunny (3oz) is a must have for Easter cravings. The box and bunny are decorated perfectly to fit the Easter season.

⦿Starburst Easter Bunny Ear Topper (1.06oz) fruit-flavored candy chews with a soft, chewy texture, sure to sprout smiles on the faces.

⦿ Fluffly stuff cotton tails cotton candy, with the recognize sweet taste and fluffy texture. (2.1oz)

⦿ Easter Sour Patch Kids (3.5oz), they're one of America's favorite gummy candies.

⦿ Peeps milk chocolate covered marshmallow (1oz.), perfect for Easter with the popular chick shape.

⦿ A jumbo Easter lollipop egg shape.

⦿ Bag of bite size foiled wrapped chocolate eggs.

⦿ Russell Stover Dark chocolate marshmallow egg (1oz.)

⦿ Dots gumdrops box (2.25oz.) Chewy, flavorful and extremely popular, these grab-and-go boxes contain an assortment of five fruit flavors; orange, lime, lemon, strawberry, and cherry.

⦿ 10" Plush Easter Bunny.

All of our Gift Basket are beautifully hand wrapped with attention to detail.

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