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Easter Chick Gift Basket for Kids - A Holiday Easter Gift Basket for Boy or Girl

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The cutest little chick is here to help them during the annual egg hunt! When they carry the basket around, cute yellow and orange legs hang below. Our "Easter Chick" gift basket is filled with Easter favorites, candies, snacks and chocolates such as:

⦿ Fluffly stuff cotton tails cotton candy, with the recognize sweet taste and fluffy texture. (2.1oz),

⦿ Easter Sour Patch Kids (3.5oz), they're one of America's favorite gummy candies.

⦿ Peeps marshmallow chicks (1.5oz), one of the most popular candies at Easter time.

⦿ Haribo Easter "Happy Chicks", fruity and chewy gummies in a variety of flavors like: Apple, Lemon, Orange and Strawberry.

⦿ Chocolate lentils filled carrot (1.03oz) Chocolate Lentils candies packed inside a plastic carrot. These lentils are like M&M's. Perfect for your Easter celebration.

⦿ Reese's pieces Shake and Break Easter egg (1.2oz.), add some egg-citement to your gift basket this year. After you give it a good rattle, simply break it open and savor that perfect blend of peanut butter taste and crunchy milk chocolate.

⦿ Carton of Whoppers Mini Eggs Malted Milk Candies in Crunchy Shell (3.75oz) for a classic Easter candy egg hunt to be remembered

⦿ Utz cotton tails snack bag. Delicious white cheddar cheese balls baked to perfection for nice crispy crunch! Make Spring time fun for every snackable moment! Made with real cheese.

⦿ Snickers chocolate Easter egg shape(1.1oz.), Made with creamy caramel, rich nougat, real peanuts and tasty milk chocolate,

⦿ Bag of bite size foiled chocolate eggs.

After all the Easter sweets and treats are gone, this festive basket can be used as seasonal decoration.

All of our Gift Basket are beautifully hand wrapped with attention to detail.

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