Easter Chick Gift Pail for Kids - A Holiday Easter Gift Basket for Boy or Girl
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Easter Chick Gift Pail for Kids - A Holiday Easter Gift Basket for Boy or Girl

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Delight your little ones with this cute and functional pail (orange (picture #1), green (picture #2) or blue (picture #3)) filled with Easter favorite candies and chocolates such as:

⦿ Fluffly stuff cotton tails cotton candy, with the recognize sweet taste and fluffy texture. (2.1oz),

⦿ Easter Sour Patch Kids (3.5oz), they're one of America's favorite gummy candies.

⦿ Peeps marshmallow chicks (1.5oz), one of the most popular candies at Easter time.

⦿ Peeps milk chocolate covered marshmallow (1oz.), perfect for Easter with the popular chick shape.

⦿ Amusemints "Hopping Down the Bunny Trail” candy corn (5oz.), with cute illustrations of an Easter bunny and Easter candy corn is even more adorable.

⦿ Reese's pieces carrot (2.7oz.), delightful carrot-shaped bag perfect for Easter. Delicious peanut butter taste and satisfying crunch they love.

⦿Albert's Peekaboo Chick Milk Chocolate Egg with Marshmallow Chick. These Peekaboo Chick egg combine two of the most iconic gifts for the Easter holiday. A delectable chocolate egg reveals a yellow, sugar-coated marshmallow chick when broken open.

⦿Reese's chocolate egg (1.2oz.), festive egg shape are an Easter holiday favorite.

⦿Bag of bite size foiled chocolate eggs.

After all the sweets are gone, this pail can be used as seasonal decoration.

All of our Gift Basket are beautifully hand wrapped with attention to detail and include your message in a complimentary card.

Our original handcrafted gift basket design is created exclusively by Delight Expressions.

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